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What is Hukamnama?

How to take Hukamnama?

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How to take Hukamnama- Rehat/Maryada

There is always a sense of doubt that how to take hukamnama, there are common questions like where to start and where to stop?
Step by Step Maryada to be followed
(1) An Ardaas or standing prayer, should be offered before taking a Hukamnama.

(2) If Guru Ji is covered with a Rumaala Sahib (beautiful fabric draping), then slowly with reverence roll or fold the Rumaala Sahib on itself. It is advisable to tuck the rolled up section of the Rumaala Sahib between the hard cover of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and the Angs on both sides. Ang litterally means 'part' as in part of a body. Each ang is reverently considered to be part of the body of the living Guru, Sri Guru Granth Sahibji.

(3) If Guru Ji has not been opened, then when opening Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, the opening angs at the top will be the Hukamnama. If Guru is already open then from the middle of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, lift an equal amount of Angs from one side and the other side, and with both thumbs carefully and randomly select an ang from the middle section of Guru Ji.

(4) Before reciting a Hukamnama, it is common to recite a mangla-chaaran, which means an invocation. We not only invoke the blessing of the Guru but clear our minds that we may read the Hukamnaama with proper attention. This can be a small shabad, salokh or saying 'Satnaam Vaahiguroo' in between opening Guru Ji for the Hukamnama and before reading the Hukam. One such Mangla Charan is Mul Mantra.

(5)When one open up Guru Granth Sahib Ji, you look at the top left corner of the ang (Page) that its opened to (A random page). If the shabad that’s there has started on the previous ang, then you turn it back and and read that shabad. So it would be the last shabad in the bottom right hand corner of the ang. If the shabad is something like Bilaval Mehla 5 then you just read the whole shabad. If the shabad is a salok, then you read the salok until you get to a Pauri. You stop reading after the pauri.

(6) A shabad usually ends with "Nanak" Also you can tell by looking at the numbers following after the line after a given Pauree where you are. The final Pauree contains a number then another number indicating fianlity of the Shabad. Thus Gurbani is organized in a logical way most can follow.

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