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Today's HukumNama Bangla Sahib,Delhi(Date : 25-04-2017)

Hukamnama Bangla sahib Delhi Daily HukamNama/HukumNama from Sri Bangla Sahib is published daily here.The one of the most pious gurudwara across world. HukamNama composed of two persian words Hukam that means order and Nama again a persion word means communication to people.Among sikhs it is considered very important to read HukamNama daily and follow the order from Sri Guru Granth Sahib.This is the reason we are bringing you daily HukamNama from Sri Bangla sahib Delhi.

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Sri Bangla Sahib HukamNama In Punjabi Sri Bangla Sahib HukamNama - Punjabi Vyakhya Sri Bangla Sahib HukamNama In Hindi

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